Cleveland’s Garage Door Spring Experts

Torsion springs are commonly used in a wide variety of mechanisms, from simple clothespins to spring-loaded mousetraps. (You just played back in your mind the aggressive snap of a mousetrap, and winced a little.) The heavy-gauge coiled torsion springs used to counterbalance the weight of garage doors are under constant extreme tension, making them vulnerable to breakage (an explosive snap you do not want to hear, let alone be close to) and dangerous to work on for anyone who is untrained and lacks the proper equipment. To make the point most directly: A breaking garage door spring can kill you, or cause severe injury.

Do NOT try to remove, repair, or even adjust garage door springs – or anything to which the door spring mechanism is fastened, such as wood blocks, steel brackets or cables. You should be mindful that these vital components of your garage door system will, in time, fail. How long they last depends on their rating, and the number of open/closing cycles you put them through. The industry standard spring is rated at 10,000 cycles. Higher-cycle springs are used to extend the time between spring replacements being needed. But like the U-joint in your car, you don’t want to deal with a post-failure scenario. Call B&B for regular inspection. If we see significant signs of metal fatigue, or the spring’s life expectancy is coming due, we will likely recommend replacement. If we discover lesser issues, we can handle any adjustments or repairs. It is also important to note that the spring is a vital component of your door system operating correctly. Don’t let someone else put the wrong spring on your door. At B&B we make sure your door has the proper spring for its size and operation.

The pros at Automatic Door Specialists are highly experienced, and will replace damaged or failing torsion springs quickly and efficiently. Another reason to use B&B: properly installed garage door springs will be safer to operate and offer more years of trouble-free use. They are also under full warranty. We serve the greater Cleveland area with our Quick-Response Fleet.