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Select a Garage Door that Is Quieter, Cooler, Safer…and More Secure

The newest generation of garage doors and openers are a vital part of modern “whole home” systems – and B&B is at the forefront. A garage door is the single largest point of access to your home. It can either enhance or diminish the value of your house; making it more or less secure and safe, an energy saver or an energy hog, a disappointment or a showpiece. The automated door systems installed by Automatic Garage Doors Cleveland provide major advantages you need to consider:

Remotes and Keypads:

We carry remote access devices that will re-code every time they are used, for maximum security. Many garage door openers can be operated with a smart phone, letting you check on the status of your door from anywhere, even away on vacation. We’ll help you select a “smart door” system that is right for your needs.

Liftmaster and Marantec Door Openers:

These openers have been picked out of many competing brands for their smooth, quiet yet powerful operation. A comfortable hum has replaced the grinding mechanisms of older openers, seldom waking sleepers. Heavier wood and glass doors need more power – and these 1-horsepower motors provide it, with muscle to spare. Liftmaster and Marantec are the two primary brands we install – and both come with a range of models and feature options. We service and repair all opener brands.

Safety always comes first! Infrared photo eyes reverse the door in mid-descent if the beam is interrupted – whether by a forgotten bag of groceries or a playful child. These are not only an obvious must for any automatic garage door – they’re now required by UL325 code.

The window style and bright white of this painted wood door perfectly complement the look of this distinctive home.

The natural beauty of wood is simulated in these steel doors that have architecturally correct embossed wood grain.

Insulated Steel Garage Doors:

If you choose a steel door, don’t overlook insulation – for both noise abatement and temperature moderation. There are many options to consider, and there will be one that is right for your home. And don’t forget to ask about weather stripping to keep the wind and rain out of your garage. Automatic Garage Doors Cleveland does it all, and does it right. We make the satisfaction of our customers our top priority.

B&B Service Program:

A well-constructed, well-installed garage door should last 15-18 years or more with normal use and scheduled maintenance. Automatic Door Specialists offers a modestly-priced Annual Door Service Program that ensures your door will get the regular inspection and maintenance it needs to maximize its safety, security and longevity. We want you to get the full lifetime value of your garage door investment. Ask us for details.